motivating your employees beyond bound

Employees make a lot of promises in their Curriculum Vitae while applying for a post in your organization. They start off with good intentions only to loose all the motivation within a very short time. What are those things that went wrong for them not to keep all or some of the promises at least and what happened to that initial motivation.

A lot could be responsible but I think that workload and work related stress contributes a lot. In this article are tips to help you get your employees motivated and keep them motivated as long as they work for you.

(1) Showing your employees that you love and respect them for whom they are:

Motivation is a product of Love- this is a fact that no one can deny. What motivate people to take action is one way or the other connected to love. In this context, your employees will be motivated to show appreciation for the love you have for them. We human beings have a thirst for appreciation and respect and will do any thing within our reach to help improve the live of whoever will give these to us. Write a biography of a living man and you will be sure of selling at least a copy.

(2) Set an achievable standard for them:

In the working environments, there are standards set by employers. These standards could either be; ideal, attainable, normal or current standards. Of all these, an attainable standard is the one that motivates employees the more. Attainable standards coupled with the eagerness to show appreciation for the love and respect you show them will not only make them achieve or surpass the standard but will get them motivated for as long as they work for you.

(3) Give genuine open commendation:

Little things matter so much in the psychology of motivation. Commend the achievement of deserving employees in your regular gatherings and watch what will happen to their motivation and energy level. Everybody wants to be openly appreciated for a job well done.

(4) Give them nice perk (remuneration included):

Even though money is not every thing, it still remains one of the main factors that motivates people to work tirelessly. Make your employees’ perk reasonable.

(5) Over look some of their trivial mistakes:

Employees tend to give out their best when they know that they will not be severely punished when they make trivial mistakes. Most employers however get it wrong in this regard. Take care not to give them too much freedom as by nature we tend to misuse opportunity. Caution is the watch word.

Also try making the working environment conducive. This will help bring out the best in them as everybody loves a conducive and clean environment.

Apply the above techniques and see your employees get motivated, stay motivated, and enjoy themselves while working for you and giving you their best

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