Small Business Copywriting Skills and Techniques | A Must Have For Entrepreneurs

Acquiring small business copywriting skills and techniques does not require a degree or MBA in writing if there is anything like that. All you need is basic writing skills and the ability to relate to people’s emotion and then write to fill a need.

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If you own your small business and still don’t know how to compose high quality copy writes, I suggest that you start today as business communication skill is very important in your entrepreneurial journey.

You can by all means hire a small business copywriter who will do it for you but as all entrepreneurs know that acquiring small business skills and techniques helps to save costs at the initial stage.

Benefits of Small Business Copywriting

  • Generates sales and encourages call to action: a well written small business copywrite helps to generate sales as people won’t know you exist until you tell them that you exist.


Advertising will amount to nothing but a sheer waste of money and time if people cannot understand what it is you are offering. A sales copy is a medium through which an entity tells her customers what a product or service will do for them.


  • Win and turns first time customer into loyal customers: a potential customer that stumbles upon your product or website by accident can become a lifetime customer if the small business copywriting material is written in a way that one does not need to go through hassle in order to understand the benefits of using your service or products.


  • Avenue for gaining experience and confidence: small business newcomers gain business communication experience as they write and hone their small business copywriting skills.

Qualities of good small business copy writes

  • Must put customers first: the use of ‘I’ and ‘We’ is almost prohibited to be used as far as small business copywriting is concerned.


Although customers have important role to play in the general survival of a small business, but owners still have to do what needs to be done first.


You, You, and You should be screaming right out of your sales copy because that is all a customer care about. Forget about how high you hold your startling business ideas or how well your product was researched.


All that your potential customers care about is what is in it for them. Leave everything else for other business and management functions.


  • Must highlight benefit of product and not features: very people really bother to know the features of a product. But, everyone wants to know the benefits of using a product or service.


Make sure your small business copy write does not lack this very important feature. I know is very tempting to show off with the features but don’t dwell much on that.


Building a car that flies is a good thing to do but how will the consumers benefit from that product? Perhaps it helps them avoid traffic and never be late for anything.


  • Define your audience: the reason why you have to define your audience is so that you can target your outreach. Gone are the days when you simply generalise your sales copy and still make a killing from it.


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For you to be get result from your marketing campaign, it has to targeted and the first part of it is to define your target audience. I cannot stress how important it is to define your target audience as this will help you make the right connection in your writing.


  • Write from the point of view of your customers: your customers have a need that they need satisfying. My experience working with customers in one of the most difficult industries have taught me how impatient customers can be. Just go straight to the point.


  • Highlight any award that your products or services have won: in this day and age where awareness has been created on the impact of our activities on our planet. Mentioning any environmental or green investment award for example means a lot to the public and this from my experience is a selling point that consistently delivers.


  • Make your copy write SEO friendly: in today’s world where business technology has eaten into every fibre of out activity, people hardly do anything without using the computer- especially the internet.


People use the internet to search for what it is that they are interested in. the search engines display results that their algorithm think is most related to the query.


The pages that show up on the front page are those that are better optimised for the search term. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science or art as many call it that allows web publishers tell search engines that their content is more relevant to a given query.

Copy Writes Mistakes to Avoid

  • Avoid Being Overly Promotional: in as much as the ultimate aim of your small business copywriting is to sell your products or services to the public. But, people don’t usually like to be sold anything especially when the pitch is overly promotional.


  • Avoid Making Unsubstantiated Claims: it is better not make a claim instead of making a false claim. Everything that you stand for will instantly be discounted the moment people find out that you are telling lies about your testimonies.


  • Avoid Rambling: there is a saying that you simply do not know what you are saying if you cannot say it in simply enough. Go straight to the point without wasting anybody’s time- including yours.



Okay, Now that you have equipped yourself with small business skills and techniques what next?

As always, I tell my clients to make sure they take action. It is not enough to just learn how to write small business copy write. You must put what you have just learnt into action.

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