Six reasons why every Accountant should be CISA Certified

As an accountant working in the capacity of an employee or a business advisor, your employer or client expects you to give more than you are actually paid for. In fact, you are more of a business partner than an employee or a consultant.

This is so because modern day businesses now battle with the 3Cs (rapid Change, increased Complexity and fiercer Competition) amongst other business challenges.

Businesses of all size continually strive to save money especially by getting more from whoever deals with them while at the same time paying same amount of money.

Am writing this article because I just gained a valuable client that I never imagined would have been possible if not for the fact that I am a CISA. Hey, don’t ask for any details regarding the new clients LOL . The main purpose of writing this post is to motivate all accountants out there to consider getting certified IS/IT auditing.

Ok, enough of the intro. What exactly is CISA? CISA stands for Certified Information Systems Auditor. CISA is one of the 4 certifications offered by ISACA; others are CISM, CGEIT and CRISC. The exam is demanding with a very high failure rate.

I was almost discouraged by one of my well-meaning colleagues not to take the exam when I registered for it due to the high failure rate because he has tried 4 times without success. I guess am among the lucky ones that pass it in one attempt J

6 Benefits of CISA to an accountant

  1. Adds broader perspective to business management: accountants no doubt are business professionals that fluently speak the language of business but, studying for and writing CISA exam would make you develop a unique business perspective. This certification also presents you with further knowledge in the area of auditing in computerised environment.
  2. Keeps you updated on latest technological development and trends: accountants will add more value to businesses if they realise that technologies are now the single most important business enabler. Technology management is an invaluable skill that will do you tremendous good. As an accountant, you will be at the top of your business if you are well informed on the new developments of technological advancement.
  3. Gives you access to well researched working tools: your life would be a lot easier if you work with well researched tools such as COBIT5. One of my clients was wowed when I in addition to delivering a superb due diligence report on one of its target business also helped in the implementation of COBIT5. This is an example of the kind of things that make you stand out from the crowd as finance professional.
  4. Provides extra assurance to your employer or client: your employer will place more confidence in you if a globally respected body like ISACA vouches for your competencies. Your employer will trust everything you say and do just by the simple fact that you are certified in a field outside your primary field- especially when it is IT related.
  5. Opens door to forensic engagement: in as much as an accountant with the right experience can get involved in forensic accounting, gaining additional certifications like CISA or CFE will give you clearer insight as to what forensic accounting and investigative tools that you can use in order to be more efficient.
  6. Gaining both local and international network: one of the benefits of becoming a professional is the potential networking opportunity that you can get from the professional body. Imagine what you benefit would if in addition to the professional network you have built within your accounting you get further connection with IT industry leaders.

If you are reading this article and wondering how on earth you would be able to pass the CISA exams, don’t worry as the same principles of passing professional exams still applies. All you need is the right mind set and the willingness to do it. Just like Nike said, just do it!!!!!


Taking one of the ISACA exams- especially CISA would take you to places you never imagine you could ever be. The certification process might be demanding for you but, the ultimate benefits of CISA certification to you as an accountant will make you forget all the hassle you went through within a very short time- yes!!


  1. yusuf habib mkindi says:

    very interesting !!!!!

  2. Thanks Yusuf

  3. Pedro Quintas says:

    Interesting article. I would like to know further.
    Could you add me on skype: bwe_angolano

  4. chinweike says:

    By all means Pedro, we can Skype. I will add you. Thanks for stopping over.

  5. Hi Chin,
    An awesome writing 🙂 thank you !!!!

    I am in the midst of deciding whether to take Master in Accounting and Finance OR CISA in addition to the CPA qualification I obtained more than a decade ago. I seem unable to make up my mind for weeks but your article convinced me I should allocate my resources (money, time, effort) to something more practical, which is CISA.

    The main concern I have now is the high failure rate in this exam, lol


  6. Hi Jenny,

    Thank you for stopping by and your positive comment. Since you have decided to take CISA which is great.

    The pass rate is low which is good for the certification. However, I don’t think you will have problem passing the exam since you have been a CPA for years.

    I am not particularly brilliant but I took the exam once. What I did was read the review manual once and then concentrate on solving the questions in the question bank.
    My success rate in the first week was around 42% but this significantly improved after about two weeks of one hour daily practice.

    I was hitting 90 something percentage weeks before the exam which gave me confidence.

    Just go for it, you won’t regret it.



  7. Nice article, I must say. I have been interested in adding CISA Certification to my ACCA Qualification; but my major concern is the practical experience. I work in a firm of Chartered Accountants as an Auditor/Consultant.

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