Small Businesses Competition | How to Compete in this Modern Days

COMPETING THE RIGHT WAY Small business competition is not all about price war and price cutting the supermarkets do in the UK. It is a lot more than that. The recent Tesco saga could have been avoided if excessive price war was not over … [Continue reading]

Investment Appraisal Risk Management Strategy| Tools, Techniques and Methods

Investment Appraisal Risk Management

Investment appraisal risk management strategy are those proven methods of evaluating risk and uncertainty that are associated to investing. Most investments or projects fail to see the light of the day because of the fact management has either … [Continue reading]

Factors to Consider Before Extending Business Loans to Entrepreneurs

This blog post on the factors to consider before giving business loans to entrepreneurs is prepared to answer a question that was asked on the comment box of a previous article on financing challenges faced by small businesses. We now have … [Continue reading]

Small Business Benchmarking Process and Methodology | a Simple Approach

Definition and Meaning of Benchmark Benchmarking is a classic performance measurement tool used to compare similar businesses under similar circumstances with the aim of measuring up with the best performing company. This does not necessarily mean … [Continue reading]

Nine (9) Tested and Trusted Business Lessons to Learn from Royal Families

Have you ever wondered how kings and queens run their kingdoms? There are kingdoms that have been around for a very long time. This really got me thinking as I understand that the difficulty involved in managing people and resources is not the … [Continue reading]

Role of Accountants in Enterprise Software Acquisition

Companies of all sizes and shape now rely on Enterprise resource planning systems to be competitive, profitable, compliant, attractive, and trendy. The implementation of an enterprise resource planning is a complex long term project that requires … [Continue reading]

Evergreen investment and financial risk management strategies

Evergreen investment and financial management strategies are those logical, tested and proven ways of managing your investments and business as whole. The good thing with evergreen investment and financial risk management is that you can easily apply … [Continue reading]

10 signs and symptoms you should invest in new business information technology

When it comes to investing in business information technology, it is very important that decisions are made based on business reality rather than impulse as we see on many occasions. This article provides heads-up on signs that may indicate that … [Continue reading]

Critical Skills of Next Generation Accountants

If you have been following accounting as a profession, you would have noticed a pattern that has been developing in the skill set that is required of a next generation accountant. One of the critical success factors of the next generation … [Continue reading]

Make Money or Make Accounting Career, choose a Path to your Destiny

For many people with accounting skills and knowledge, following an accounting career path that leads to professionalism for example becoming a member of ACCA, CPA or CIMA is their life long goal but the spiralling number of accountants that are … [Continue reading]

Small Business Due Diligence | Professional Accountant Perspective

Preventing Workplace accident

Small business due diligence is a sort of investigation done by a professional on behalf of potential business owners before they sign a contract that will subsequently lead to change in ownership but after the buyer and seller has already agreed on … [Continue reading]

Pitfalls | Common mistakes made by small business accountants

Small businesses change accountants at will just as we change our clothes. The only difference is that we change our clothes because we have to but small business owners change their service providers such as small business accountants whenever they … [Continue reading]

Vocabulary of accountpreneurs that I did not learn in my MBA and accountancy classes

I don’t remember being taught any vocabulary of the accountpreneur during my study of accounting and MBA. The curricula of most accountancy courses are as rusty as the image in this article.   As a dedicated student that never missed a … [Continue reading]

Importance of credit checks and background checks to small businesses

Credit checks and background checks by small businesses are components of overall business strategy that is often neglected by many SMEs. This is due to the fact that most DIY entrepreneurs don’t really grasp the importance of credit and background … [Continue reading]

Discover How to Make Money as Accountants in the Information Age

Accountants spend thousands of Pounds on formal education and professional accounting qualifications only to be begging for jobs at the end of the day. This should not be the case if you are equipped with both the technical and soft skills of a … [Continue reading]

Is Big Data Driving Your Business Forward or Is It Too Heavy That It Slows Things Down?

The importance and significance of big data in this digitalized business world has been generally agreed upon by business leaders and strategists. We are now in a new phase of big data life cycle which is what I call the shaking off stage. The big … [Continue reading]

Dysfunctional Behaviours of Budgetary Control Systems

Siege mentality of an accountant

Dysfunctional behaviours in budgetary control system are those suboptimal decisions that managers make just to ensure that they meet targets and get their bonus. The essence of budgeting which includes motivation of managers will be defeated if … [Continue reading]

Automate Accounting but Humanize it| Accountancy Will Lose Human Face if…

The use of IT in accounting and finance is continuing to grow as business leaders constantly strive for excellence in business processes. And there is always a danger of over doing anything that we do in life. Virtually every accounting and business … [Continue reading]

Cost Accounting in the New Era

Cost accounting in the new era has completely moved away from the simple act of identifying direct costs, indirect costs and overhead, then using the traditional cost allocation method to allocate the costs. I remember the good old days when cost … [Continue reading]

What is Strategic Management Accounting? Meaning and Characteristics

Strategic management accounting and control is a relatively new paradigm in the field of management accounting. This new perspective of management accounting and control system was made popular as a result of the criticism levelled on the traditional … [Continue reading]

How to Write Effective Business Requirements as an Accountant

Nowadays, accountants are called upon by businesses to play significant role in system migration and other major business turnaround programmes.  Business requirements are those deliverables that a project must convey if value is to be added, without … [Continue reading]

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