10 Factors Affecting Transfer Prices in Multinationals

Multinational transfer pricing

Today we will be looking at 10 factors affecting transfer prices in multinationals. We all know that transfer pricing can be abused by mutational in their bid to evade taxes (or avoid taxes) thereby improving profit for their owners. But there is a … [Continue reading]

Trending Small Business Cyber Security and Awareness Skills

Small business cybersecurity

Small business cyber security and awareness skills have recently been identified as a critical success factor for small businesses. This world of Internet of Things (IoT) that we now live in has created massive threats that can easily prevent a … [Continue reading]

DIY Small Business Risk Assessment and Evaluation Process

DIY Small Business Risk Assessment and Evaluation Process

DIY small business risk assessment and evaluation is when small business owners evaluate their businesses through the lenses of an auditor. I have come to realise that seeing your business from the perspective of an auditor helps you see things … [Continue reading]

How to Deal With Siege Mentality as an Accountant

Siege mentality of an accountant

Siege mentality of an accountant is what most accountants feel whenever people turn against them even when what they are doing is for the good of all. The fact that accountants are known for being frugal and always looking out for ways to save cost … [Continue reading]

23 Functions and Duties of Accounting and Finance Department of SMEs

Accounting and finance department

Accounting and finance department of small businesses have evolved over time to become the hub of small businesses. A quick look at the functions and duties of accounting and finance department of SMEs will give you insight of what has become of the … [Continue reading]


sources of finance

  Small business sources of finance are those mediums through which a small business can cheaply borrow money that are used for investing purposes rather than simply paying off day to day charges just to keep afloat. The aim of this article is … [Continue reading]

Setting up your accounting department as a small business accountant

Setting up your accounting department as a small business accountant

I was pleasantly surprised to know how daunting it is to set up accounting department when I first became head of accounting and finance department of a small business. Setting up your accounting department as a small business accountant does not … [Continue reading]

Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Businesses (IoB)

internet of businesses

Wait a minute, Internet of Businesses? Yes, am sure you must have heard of Internet of Things (IoT) and how the whole world will go to its knees if the security professionals don’t step up their game to match that of the crackers or hackers. There … [Continue reading]

External sources of information for strategic management

strategic management

Getting the right information for strategic decision making is the most difficult part of strategic management. This is because of the fact that information requirement for strategic decision is qualitative and mostly non financial in nature. You may … [Continue reading]

Trump – a new word added to economics and finance dictionary

Risky Trump

A professor of economics and finance in an informal chat over the weekend jokingly said that the finance dictionary now has a new word. I was shocked when he said Trump. I then asked what it means in the economics and finance dictionary and he … [Continue reading]

The Accountant- Title of a Movie, can you believe it?

Finally, we have a movie about Accountants and the dangers that most accountants face on a daily basis. I have seen over a dozen of films and series about Doctors and Lawyers but can’t remember seeing any movie or series about accountants. This … [Continue reading]

How to Become a Small Business Accountant

  I been asked so many times to explain in a simple language how one can become a small business accountant  so I decided to write this article on how to become a small business accountant. Without much ceremony let’s get straight to the … [Continue reading]


Small business Accountants

  As entrepreneurs, doing your homework in order to ensure that you know when to hire a small business accountant is not enough as hiring the wrong (there are no bad accountants but you must select the one that is suited for your specific needs) … [Continue reading]

Accounting and Business Strategy to learn from Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Image

In case you haven’t heard, pokemon Go is a game developed by an arm of Nintendo. It has barely been around for about one month at the time of this writing but has more active users per day than Twiter according to a data mining … [Continue reading]

Difficulties in using and interpreting qualitative non financial information

basics of business insurance

Most strategic decision making involves dealing with large amount of non financial and qualitative information. And that is why there are difficulties in using and interpreting qualitative non financial information. Analysing and interpreting … [Continue reading]


This article is written to explore the advantages and disadvantages of using league tables in the public sector as performance management tool. The motivation behind writing this is because in recent years, the adoption and use of league table in … [Continue reading]

How not to run a business -big or small

Cloudy Days Ahead

Many articles, text books, journals and blog posts have been written on how to manage a business in order to succeed, but not much as far as am aware has been written on how not to run a business. This in my opinion is a fundamental reason why many … [Continue reading]

Prospective Employee Orientation Best Practice

I recently took a job in the finance department of Tristate Cardiovascular Associates Limited in Nigeria - ‘a Now-Age Cardiovascular solution provider with a vision to become the global leader in prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in … [Continue reading]

Activity-Based-Costing (ABC) | Brief Background, Criticisms, Problems, Weaknesses, Benefits and Strengths

I was going through my archives when I stumbled upon this academic thesis which attempts to throw light on: back ground of Activity-based-costing (ABC), its criticisms, problems, weaknesses, benefits and strengths. I decided to share this on this … [Continue reading]


important accounting ratios

I have a friend who failed to secure an accounting job recently because he was not able to provide a simple explanation of what a bank reconciliation statement is in an interview. His defense was that he is not an accounting major but, you don’t have … [Continue reading]

Accounting and programming skills | road travelled by few accountants

accounting and programming skills

Accounting and programming skills are rare skill sets that can easily make you a king amongst kings in the accounting and finance realm. There are things that excel sheets alone cannot help with. You have to learn to write computer programs that can … [Continue reading]

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