How to source for your investment accountants with ease

An investment accountant is that finance specialist that is saddled with the responsibility of keeping track of the investments of an individual or an entity. They ensure that funds sourced for investments and proceeds from already invested finance … [Continue reading]

Investment appraisal terms, meanings/definitions for non-financial managers

Investment appraisal is one area of the study of finance that has a lot of misunderstood terms. Here are 22 of those terms and there meaning in common language that can be understood by everyone. The terms to be explained are listed below followed … [Continue reading]

Users Of Accounting Information System

Accounting can be said to be a process that collects, collate, record, analyse, interpret and communicate financial information to end users in the form/ format that they will understand. Accountancy is the only language that businesses all over … [Continue reading]

Accounting information system, redefining the accounting profession

Accounting information system has redirected the direction of accounting profession. Traditionally, accountants were seen as business and audit specialist whose only duty is to keep records of things that has already happened in the … [Continue reading]

How long will it take to pay off your credit card debt?

While surfing the net, i stumbled upon this article on credit card calculator written by Robin Williams. Happy reading! If you have piled up a huge amount of credit card debt and want to know how long it would take to become debt free by making a … [Continue reading]

Investment appraisal for everyone especially the non-financial managers- payback and return on capital employed method.

Recall that an introduction to this article was given in the part one of this series. Hence, no further introduction would be made here. Our aim here is to explore the various investment technique needed by everyone in a simple manner that you will … [Continue reading]

Difficulties faced by small firms when seeking finance and their possible solutions

  You will agree with me that finance is the life blood of every business; big or small. Debt and equity finance are two main categories of sources finance that a company can use. While big and established firms find it relatively easy to raise … [Continue reading]

Dangers of having high level of gearing- business and financial

Business gearing and financial gearing are terms used to explain the volatility of a company and its activities. While the business gearing measures the risk that a company will fail as a result of not making enough contribution to cover for its … [Continue reading]

Eleven sources of finance that small and medium sized businesses can use to finance non-current asset

Sources of finance simply means various reliable ways by which a business can raise money for the smooth running of business activities without much friction. Majority of businesses out there are often hindered by lack of finance to execute … [Continue reading]

Business investment opportunities- how cash shortage can restrict it

  Any business that neglects taking advantage of investment opportunities will soon find its way to bankruptcy. As important as this may be, many businesses, especially small business fail to make optimum investment as a result of shortage of … [Continue reading]

Investment Appraisal-8 non-financial factors that every accountants and managers should consider

Investment appraisal is not all about financial factors. There are non-financial factors that plays significant role in making any meaningful investment decision. In fact, most of those non-financial factors act as backbone that will either make … [Continue reading]


This article is all about investment and its potential of breaking poverty in your linage forever. There are families that have been living in a vicious cycle of poverty. This class of people has resorted to blaming fate for their misfortune. They … [Continue reading]

Business plan- importance and structure

MEANING/ IMPORTANCE A business plan is a written document that helps; entrepreneur, employees, partners, managers, vendors, management, lenders (banks), suppliers etc gain a better insight into the direction that a business is going or will go. … [Continue reading]

Investment appraisal for everyone especially non financial managers part one

Investment appraisal involves all those steps taken by an organization or an individual to determine the worthwhile-ness of an investment. It is a scientific approach to choosing a project to pump in money into. The importance of investment appraisal … [Continue reading]

How to study for Professional Accounting exams and still be healthy

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for taking the bold step of registering for an Accounting professional exam. Accountancy is undoubtedly one of the most respected professions in the world. – Although a kind of difficult to get into the … [Continue reading]

Motivation for writing and passing your ACCA and CIMA Exams

Sitting still is one of one the greatest enemy of human race. You immediately become 'obsolete' the moment you stop learning. Though learning can be done in any form (formal and informal), our system (employers) today tend to favour the formal … [Continue reading]

Business success in today’s world – 8 key factors

small business management

The success of every business hinges on its strategies. Strategies are those courses of action, including the specific objective and business ethics. For a business to succeed, it must have a business strategy – a large scale, future oriented plans … [Continue reading]

Staff motivation- TV approach

What you are about to read in this article is the summary of the technique I used to boost the sales of one of my clients by 72% within two months in August 2009. It is a simple yet powerful human ingenuity. Grin-grin was the cry of my phone on … [Continue reading]

Without Humor, Life Sucks – Learn to Be Humorous

Sickness, Stress, pain, poverty, suffering, hatred, wickedness etc all sucks a great deal of life out of us. But none of these is to be compared to the damages that lack of humor can cause in our life. Imagine when LIFE itself becomes the SUCKER. In … [Continue reading]

Outsourcing- what every managers and accountants should know about it.

Outsourcing has become a global business necessity in implementing the twenty-first century strategy. This is the mechanism that allows organizations to transfer the delivery of services to third parties. Outsourcing is simply obtaining work … [Continue reading]

Introduction to Fiancial Independence

There are things that only we can do for our self. One of these things include financial management. It does not matter your: profession, educational background, how much you have etc., the truth is that finances are the life blood of every Human … [Continue reading]

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