Getting business and accounting degrees online has been fully embraced by many in recent years. Traditional universities and business schools now offer one form of internet accountancy program or the other. This new development is made possible by the massive improvement in technology that we have experienced in the last two decades.

There are various reasons why an individual may want to enrol in an online accounting degree program. One of such reasons is when the student is based in a different geographical area from the institution that offers the accounting degree.


Establish that you really need accounting qualification: this is the point in time when you pause for a moment and ask yourself a vital question. Why I do I need this accounting degree? Is it for good cause or just to show off? The reason this stage of your decision making is so important is because of the amount of investment involved in learning accounting.

Compare the course content of the program with other similar courses: once you have made up your mind that you really need an accounting degree, then go ahead and make some comparison to see which university is cheaper for you. You can use some comparison sites to find out which college or university is cost effective.

Ask questions regarding the degree in related forums: go to accounting forums to ask questions regarding the choice you have made. Chances are that you will find people that have had one form of contact or the other with the prospective school.

Review the qualifications and experience of the course tutors: you should be reviewing the qualification of the potential tutors. You wouldn’t expect to get much from an online accounting lecturer that only has first degree in accounting. Carryout some basic background checks on the people that will be teaching you accounting through the internet.

Evaluate the online platform that the degree is being delivered through: I have a friend who recently subscribed to an online software engineering course but was disappointed when he discovered that the platform through the course content is been delivered is not compatible with one of the upgrades made by Microsoft.

Consider the ease of contacting the tutors when you need help: there is nothing so frustrating as not being able to reach your tutor when you need assistance with a difficult topic. It is good practice to discuss the modalities of communication in advance.

Have a second look at how you wish to finance the study: care should be taken from the very beginning regarding how you intend to raise funds for your study. Speak to the student loan organization in your country for details. Make sure you are eligible for support before you start the program if you don’t have the fund available. I have seen people whose student loan support have been withdrawn half way into their study. These sorts of disappointment could have been avoided if they had planned early enough.


One of the most important things to consider when looking for an online accounting degree is to check if the program is accredited with a recognised body. Depending on your country, you can either go to the office of the accrediting body or check out their website. One of such accreditation bodies that you definitely want to consider is AACSB. Use their search function to find out if the university is accredited or not.

At this point, you should have made up your mind if online accounting degree is for you or not. Best of luck with your study.

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