Business ethic is that aspect of corporate governance that has to do with the moral values of managers encouraging them to be transparent in business dealings. Business ethics takes into consideration the feelings of customers in fashioning out the services or goods that is given to our customers. It also takes into account the interest of other stakeholders.

Good business ethics is the backbone of every forward thinking business. This is more important now that consumerism has rooted deep into the heart of the customers. Consumerism is a term that is used to explain the rights of customers and the position of the law as far as knowing the content of what they consume is concerned.

In this article, I will be discussing the importance of having good business ethics in all our business endeavors.


Good business ethics brings much goodwill to a company that will in the long run translate into tangible benefits. Goodwill is that intangible asset that a company has earned over her period of operation as a result of being perceived by business associates and other third parties as being transparent, reliable, straightforward, trustworthy, etc

Note the use of the word ‘earned’, this means that true goodwill is earned and not purchased. Forget about the accounting goodwill here. Some of the tangible benefits that accrue a company for operating on an ethically sound business values are:


The first direct dividend of ethical business operation is ‘profitability.’ A company that is based on sound business value is more likely to be profitable than a company operating on corrupt practices.


Being profitable will ensure that the company be around for at least the next twelve months. It is the desire of every business entity to be around for a longer time. Ethical business practice is the way to go if you and your business truly value going concern.


Without sustainability, investments in business will simply not yield fruit. And without running your business on sound ethical values, sustainability will not be achieved in businesses and investments.


Quality save money is a popular belief in accounting, business and investment. You will save the cost of reworking defects borne out of using poor equipment and employment of sharp practices. Again, this will give you and your investment (business) easy access to the heart of the general public if you build your business on ethical values and principles.

Like Zig Ziglar would always say, “you will get all that you want in life if you can simply help enough others get what they want.” He called this the ‘golden rule philosophy.’ And it is indeed a golden rule philosophy.

This philosophy is not only applicable in general life interactions. In fact, it is truer in the world of business. Your customers and other stakeholders in the business community will naturally come to love and appreciate your company and the product you have to offer if they discover that you uphold business ethics in your business operation.

Good business ethics will definitely reflect on the quality of your products, because you have the satisfaction of your customers at hand while you were producing your products.

Uphold good and sound business ethics in your business operation and watch your business soar!


  1. Naftal Omayio says:


  2. Ebede Chukwunonso.A.A says:

    Busines ethics can be said to be dos and don’ts of business,it implies that it can be positive or negative. Ebede Chukwunonso. Abuja Nigeria

  3. Nonso, any negative act in business is unethical. Business ethics can only be positive. Thanks for your contribution.

  4. Ebede Chukwunonso.A.A says:

    What are the code of business conduct?

  5. DR. MULUGETA says:

    please send me full material

  6. what are the basis of ethics a side from Laws?

  7. chinweike says:

    Brian, Ethics and Laws are not the same thing. Ethics has to do with unwritten best practices that have no legal binding. Therefor, it can be said that the basis of ethics are good conscience and equity- do what is right.


  9. Ethics is what moulds life of people without it life is unbearable.

  10. good


  12. Happy easter I wish u lnglife and prosperity

  13. well I have been reading about business ethics more than 2 months than now but coming arcos this blog made me happy the fact that I learn something new about b ethics this a very good topic to discuss in class

  14. mugisha evan says:

    it means the practices and moral values that you do in your business.

  15. pankaj kumar says:

    give me importance of business ethics

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