How to study for Professional Accounting exams and still be healthy

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for taking the bold step of registering for an Accounting professional exam. Accountancy is undoubtedly one of the most respected professions in the world. – Although a kind of difficult to get into the folks, but once you are there, you are already in the super-high way to great opportunities.

Having said that, let’s get down to the business of the day- learning studying for your Accounting professional exam. (ACCA, CIMA, ICAN, CPA, ICAA, etc).I have to warn you at this point that for this tips you are going to get here to work for you, some kind of investments need to be made; monetary especially.

It won’t do you any good trying to study volumes of books for your Accountancy professional exams when you have just about two-three months to the exam proper. Hey! I am not against having good books with large volumes. In fact, you need to see my personal library. All am saying is that you need to study it when you few months to go for the exam.

The first studying material I recommend you use is downloadable accounting audio books. Browse through the catalogues of any of the professional body’s accredited publisher and make your choice. A lot of benefits go with audio books. Some of them are listed below;

  • What you hear someone say tend to stick more in the brain than the ones you read. Note however that this is not supposed to be a substitute for quality tuition if you have the opportunity of getting one.
  • You can easily download you audio book into your ipod or Mp3 device that you can easily carry about. While your mates/ colleagues are busy listening to the latest music in town, you are busy enriching your brain. You can even be listening to the lecture(s) while you take your nap. (The subconscious never sleep you know?) This is what I call “the gizmo study” LOL!
  • You can re-enforce your learning process by playing the audio-book repeatedly. All you need to do is copy the audio-book into your system or other playing device of your choice. You can also buy some ebooks that you can study on the go using your mobile device.
  • You never loose any valuable time due to environmental circumstances. You cannot complain of traffic when you have your ‘gizmo’ downloading powerful lectures into your head.

Another kind of study material I recommend is the key-point study material. This can be called any name by depending on the tuition provider that prepared it. The advantages of this include brevity and conciseness. Portability and easy to read is another great advantage of this. There is this believe that people tend to appreciate and enjoy reading when the volume is manageable.

Another study tool (in fact, the most important) in your preparation phase is; Revision and Exam kits. The benefits of this material cannot be over-emphasized. No matter how prepared you think you are for accounting/ accountancy professional exams without practicing past/ pilot questions of the governing professional body is just like one living in a virtual world. I know you must have heard this time without number but, I have to join the league of those that have been saying it so that you don’t say you weren’t told. PRACTICE! PRACTICE!! PRACTICE!!! Is the backbone of mastering Accountancy. And the good news is that most of the Exams and Revision kits are not highly voluminous.

I need to say this before I forget it – one loophole you should try to avoid is what I call the complacency zone. This is a very dangerous zone to be. It can lead to you into believing to be what you are not. Also, try and get the necessary motivation needed to hit that exam once or once more.

I can almost assure you that if you apply the tips you get here and other relevant ones, ONLY one thing will happen. Haba! Don’t ask me what as if you don’t know. Ok! I will tell for the benefit of doubt; SUCCESS will be assured and don’t forget to invite me to your success party.

To your success!


  1. bad credit loans says:

    Good Morning!!! is one of the most outstanding resourceful websites of its kind. I enjoy reading it every day. All the best.

  2. Jude Awunor says:

    I have an idea on offering Accounting services to growing businesses but do not really know how to package it. My level of knowledge and experience i feel is inadequate.

    I have made effort to to begin but am not satisfied with my performance. I feel I need a tutor or mentor to give guidelines on how best to serve this untaped market.

    I realy need help, my current job is not helping matters,both in terms of pay and experience benefits. I need to put this idea to work as soon as possible. I have visited Audit firms to see if I could work with them to acquire necessary experience, but till date I have not gotten any.

    Please how can you be of help? Am currently writing my ICAN exams.

    Thank you for your response and your support to helping people professionals in their chosen career.

    Jude Awunor
    18 Commercial Avenue Sabo Yaba
    Lagos – Nigeria

  3. I will give a call. Thanks for reading my blog. Am happy to know that you are studying for your ICAN

  4. Ebose charles says:

    i am writing my ICAN PE1.the problem i have is that,i am too use to calculation courses to the extend that i hadly understand theory courses like IT and Audit,what do i do

  5. Charles, Practice, Practice, Pratice. You can never practice enough for your professional exams.

  6. I like your write up on Accountacy exams. Sir what techniques can be adopt in practising on questions?

  7. I like your write up on staying healthly while writing accountancy exams. But, Sir, what kind of techniques can be adopted in practsing Ican questions? i am ican student preparing for PE 1 in May 2012

  8. Bolade, the best technique for praticing ICAN question is what I ‘self honesty approach’. This is a technique that requires the candidate to give any question honest shot before looking up the suggested answer.
    Thanks for visiting this site.

  9. Sir,i’m a fresh graduate,bsc in accounting.i want to register for ICAN,but i’m not sure if my school certificate will be ready by then to process the registration for the ICAN exam in may,2012.what can i do?

  10. Oyeyemi, if your school can forward your transcript to ICAN office before then, there is nothing to fear about. Just go ahead and apply.

  11. How do i register for ican exams, i hold bsc in banking and finance?

  12. Uzor, depending on where you live. If you live in Lagos, your sure bet will be to visit their office and pick up the form. Or better still, visit any tuition provider for assistance. You are eligible for certain waivers.

  13. Sir,i have been studing to write my pe1 by may 2012,i am a fresh graduate going for my nysc by march. I want to know if i can write the exam at any centre when that time comes. Thanks,ezeigbo

  14. I am not sure of how flexible ICAN is. If however it is possible for your venue to be changed, you need to do so within a specified time period. Why not give them a call? That would help solve the problem. Thanks for visiting.

  15. Good day sir. I am am accounting graduat preparing for ICAN pe1 pls I need assist. For web and shop address to get accounting audio books. Reside in ABUJA. Ur assistance will be highly appreciate.

  16. Sir,I ilike your write up,pls I want to inquire if my statement of result can be used for the registration. I.e my BSc statement of result.

  17. psalmuel oladapo says:

    Please i want you help me with a list of website that i can get the audio book cos the nature of my job does not really permit carrying hard copies of material all over the place. Thank you in anticipation of your pleasant response…


  18. Psalmuel, you can give audible dot come a try. Am not sure ifthey have much accounting audiobooks. Also, check Kaplan and BPP publishers. Good luck.

  19. Achese Asime says:

    Thanks so much for ur write up. I read it and was encouraged. What advice do u have for those who want to write ICAN Professional exams but do not live close to any tuition center.

  20. Achese, they should get study materials to study at home, most importantly, they should practice lots of past questions. Thanks. for stopping over.

  21. psalmuel oladapo says:

    Sir, thanks for the blog. Quite illuminating. Am currently on pe1 wrote the last diet and had three reference. Pls I will need you to send me sites I can download audio materials that will help me adequately prepare for the references I had. Thanks as I wait in anticipation for a positive response

  22. oginni oluwafemi ayodeji says:

    I lv this site and it is my dream to always visit for more infor

  23. oginni oluwafemi ayodeji says:

    Sir, pls I will be graduating this year with HND.pls hw many year am I going to spend to become a professional charttered Acountant. 2 hw much will it cost me to finish this programe. Thanks

  24. tnk you so much….u r doing a grt job in encouraging us..God bless u

  25. Yes you can, if you can get your transcript, that will mean that they wont require you to sent it in later.

  26. Hi sunny, am not sure if there is any ootlet or online store where you can buy audiobooks for ICAN, for ACCA, you can get, or better still you can use a free lecture resources at opentuition. Thanks

  27. hello

  28. Sopelola Olusegun says:

    sir,what of someone who already has NYSC certificate,is he free to put in for ICAN without the school transcript.

  29. Hi Sopelola,
    yes you can.

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