Small Business Application of ISO 9001:2005 8 Quality Management Principles

Small Business Application of ISO 9001:2005 8 Quality Management Principles ISO 9001:2005 amongst other things recommends that at the very minimum, quality management systems should include 8 quality management principles which we will be discussing today. The focus of our discussion of these 8 quality management principles will be on small businesses but can also […]

How Small Businesses Can Prevent Workplace Accidents

Entrepreneurs must know how small businesses can prevent workplace accidents as a matter of fact. Employers of labour have the primary responsibility of making sure working environment is safe. One of the most important assets of a business is its workforce. Remove the workforce and the business will crumble. Workplace accidents will not only cost […]

Trending Small Business Cyber Security and Awareness Skills

Small business cyber security and awareness skills have recently been identified as a critical success factor for small businesses. This world of Internet of Things (IoT) that we now live in has created massive threats that can easily prevent a business from achieving its objectives if not properly managed.   It is common knowledge that […]

DIY Small Business Risk Assessment and Evaluation Process

DIY small business risk assessment and evaluation is when small business owners evaluate their businesses through the lenses of an auditor. I have come to realise that seeing your business from the perspective of an auditor helps you see things differently and make decisions differently. Depending on the objective of the audit engagement, auditors’ primary […]


  As entrepreneurs, doing your homework in order to ensure that you know when to hire a small business accountant is not enough as hiring the wrong (there are no bad accountants but you must select the one that is suited for your specific needs) small business accountant is as bad as hiring at the […]

Small business success triangle

Small businesses strive on their ability to get things right within these components of small business success triangle that you are about to read in this article. Just like a stool cannot stand without its three legs, a small entity cannot survive without getting the three components of thing success triangle spot on. Small business […]

Accountant Next Door Small Business Inbox | Mini Guide to Successful Entrepreneurship

In this comprehensive small business management guide, we will practically take you by hand and walk you through the process of starting and running your successful small business. What you are about to read in this little but mighty successful small business management guide are what you cannot get for free from any other experienced […]


In this article, we will be talking about ways to improve cash flow of a struggling small business. This is that aspect of business studies that teaches entrepreneurs simple techniques that will help improve the cash flow of a struggling small business. A company without cash is like a dead man walking. And that is […]

Small Business Copywriting Skills and Techniques | A Must Have For Entrepreneurs

Acquiring small business copywriting skills and techniques does not require a degree or MBA in writing if there is anything like that. All you need is basic writing skills and the ability to relate to people’s emotion and then write to fill a need.   If you own your small business and still don’t know […]


Small business blogger outreach strategy is one of the google age marketing activities that every modern small business must proactively engage in if they are to be ahead of the ever intense small business competition. In this post, I will be giving you some useful tips that can yield results that you never would have […]

Small Business Accountants | When Should Entrepreneurs Hire A Finance Professional?

Small business accountants are no doubt very important to the success of an enterprise that is just starting up but they are not cheap to acquire. There are many reasons why a small business should hire an accountant during the early stages of operation but the cost benefit analysis needs to be done so as […]

Nine (9) Tested and Trusted Business Lessons to Learn from Royal Families

Have you ever wondered how kings and queens run their kingdoms? There are kingdoms that have been around for a very long time. This really got me thinking as I understand that the difficulty involved in managing people and resources is not the easiest thing to do yet, royalties are doing it perfectly well. It […]

How to Design a Small Business Employee Reward Programs and Schemes

Managers of small businesses go through many undocumented sleepless nights trying to develop a reward scheme that will help the organization motivate its employees. Reward schemes are those monetary and non-monetary perks that managements give to employees in the bid of calling for the best in them. Reward schemes usually comprise of extrinsic and intrinsic […]

Managing and improving the cash flow of small law firms

Cash flow management is one of the numerous serious problems faced by small firm attorneys and research over the years has shown that poor cash flow management by small businesses a huge culprit in terms of small business failures. You often time find many profitable small law firms going burst within few years of being […]

Tips and Strategies of Building Trust as a Small Start-up Business

Trust is one of the most important levers that start-up businesses rely on for survival. It will be phenomenally impossible for small businesses to gain the opportunity of proving what they can do if no one trust them enough. This is where this article comes in to fill the gap by giving simple and proven tips and […]

Psychology of managing a small business; the secret of entrepreneurial success

Psychology of small business management is the study of the mental functions, capabilities, and behaviours of small business owners and managers. The level of competition that has always characterised small business environment makes it rare for people lacking mental toughness to be successful when it comes to managing small businesses successfully. This post is written […]

Successfully financing a start-up business in this modern age

If you have ever managed to start a business and get it up and running, you would have realised that it is probably easier to take up employment in one of the established companies than to start up your own business.  Fund raising is by far the hardest thing that start-ups need to do, this […]

Components of a small business bookkeeping system

As a small business owner, you save a lot of money and time if you could learn to organise your stuff. Your small business accountant or bookkeeper will charge you less if they have to do small amount of work on your books. Imagine the number of hours it will take your bookkeeper to collate, […]

How to deal with negative press release as a small business

How to deal with negative press release as a small business Negative press releases, if not well controlled can kill a business faster than you can ever imagine. These negative press releases can come from anywhere but the most common sources of negative press are your competitors, your customers and the regulatory authorities. Having a […]

Customers are the cheapest means of advertising your small business

Smart small business owners have long realised that their customers are their most reliable and cheapest way of getting ahead of competition. If you don’t use your customers to attract more businesses, your competitors will use your existing customers to sink your business. Brand loyalty is not easy to be built but can be done […]

Business continuity planning process (BCP) for small businesses

The act of business continuity planning and implementation is not exclusively owed by large multinational corporations as many small business owners do think. Business continuity process is a life cycle process that every business must embed into the overall business strategy if they are to survive disasters when one occurs. The aim of business continuity […]

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