As an Accountant, you must be Disruptive or be Disrupted

It is no longer a news that accounting as a profession is being affected by the disruptive power of modern business technologies. This that were once exclusively reserved for humans with the right accounting skills are now being done by machines. This article is one of the numerous warnings to accounting and finance professionals


According to Randy Vickers, Today’s cybersecurity landscape is an ever-changing environment where the greatest vector of attack is our normal activities, e-mail, surfing, online gaming, etc. Cyber security never sleeps nor takes holidays. ACCA and PWC in a recent research found out that technology has four established pilar viz: Analytics, Cloud, Collaboration and RPA (Robotic […]

Trending Small Business Cyber Security and Awareness Skills

Small business cyber security and awareness skills have recently been identified as a critical success factor for small businesses. This world of Internet of Things (IoT) that we now live in has created massive threats that can easily prevent a business from achieving its objectives if not properly managed.   It is common knowledge that […]

Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Businesses (IoB)

Wait a minute, Internet of Businesses? Yes, am sure you must have heard of Internet of Things (IoT) and how the whole world will go to its knees if the security professionals don’t step up their game to match that of the crackers or hackers. There will be yet another ‘black hat’ convention in the next […]

Accounting and Business Strategy to learn from Pokemon GO

In case you haven’t heard, pokemon Go is a game developed by an arm of Nintendo. It has barely been around for about one month at the time of this writing but has more active users per day than Twiter according to a data mining company.   Pokemon Go has been in the news everyday […]

Accounting and programming skills | road travelled by few accountants

Accounting and programming skills are rare skill sets that can easily make you a king amongst kings in the accounting and finance realm. There are things that excel sheets alone cannot help with. You have to learn to write computer programs that can do things faster and with high degree of accuracy. I decided to […]

Clean Data, Not Big Data – That Is What Makes Small Businesses Successful

Big data does not make a small business successful but clean and useful data does. Successful small business owners already know that and are bountifully reaping benefits by simply recognising the difference between big data and clean data. Billions of pounds have been spent by businesses in the quest to join the big data wave. […]

10 signs and symptoms you should invest in new business information technology

When it comes to investing in business information technology, it is very important that decisions are made based on business reality rather than impulse as we see on many occasions. This article provides heads-up on signs that may indicate that your small business after all need to invest in new information technology. Ten Things That […]

Automate Accounting but Humanize it| Accountancy Will Lose Human Face if…

The use of IT in accounting and finance is continuing to grow as business leaders constantly strive for excellence in business processes. And there is always a danger of over doing anything that we do in life. Virtually every accounting and business functions are now automated which is a good thing but are being misinterpreted […]

How to Write Effective Business Requirements as an Accountant

Nowadays, accountants are called upon by businesses to play significant role in system migration and other major business turnaround programmes.  Business requirements are those deliverables that a project must convey if value is to be added, without it, measuring the success or failure of a project will be difficult. Organizations constantly challenge finance professionals to […]

Advantages and disadvantages of cloud accounting to a small business

This article is written to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of cloud accounting because the time is now ripe for us to stop pretending that we cannot see the emerging accounting trend where cloud computing is constantly changing the way accountants and business owners process and exchange accounting information. Take it or leave, cloud accounting […]

How accountants use technology, computers and IT infrastructures

Accountants as fluent speakers of the language of business will not achieve much nowadays if they fail to come to terms with technology which has become pervasive in the areas of business and finance. Business technology management in today’s business world is a fundamental success factor in managing businesses for optimal results. You will be […]


Security of Accounting Information System (AIS) has never been as important as it is now in the history of business. One thing that is sure is that if you don’t take care of your Accounting Information System, others will take care of it for you. The only difference is that you will definitely not like […]

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