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Accounting Cycles- Preventing Fraud by Understanding Accounting Cycles

Introduction Forensic Accountants in their bid to successfully fight fraud often falls back to exploring accounting cycles in order to understand how fraud can be perpetrated. This is to say that for one to understand how fraudulent activity is carried out, one must understand the accounting cycles in and out. This knowledge is acquired both […]

Meaning and Uses of Branch Accounting

What is a Branch Accounting? A branch accounting is a system of accounting where branch transactional activities are kept separate from each other.   There are two methods of branch accounting. In the bid to prepare records that provides insight into the activities of the branches of a business organization, management have a choice of […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Debt Factoring

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Debt Factoring Advantages and disadvantages of using debt factoring must be considered before a decision is made on whether to use it or not. This is very important as doing this analysis will provide management with useful information for economic decision making. The advantages of using debt factoring must outweigh […]

Fundamentals of Trial Balance

This article on the fundamentals of trial balance is in response to the question asked by a Facebook fan of AccountantNextDoor on our page. ‘Tell me more about trial balance’ was the question.   What is a Trial Balance? A trial balance is a bookkeeping tool used by accountants to test the equality of Debt […]

How to Set Strategy for All Types of Business

Every other business decision will be seamless if one understands how to set strategy. A lot has been said about strategy in business and management arena that the term strategy has become so many things to so many people. A football analyst for example will say something about the strategy of a team.   Even […]

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