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Small Business Insurance – State the Importance of Insurance to A Small Scale Business

In this article, we will state the importance of insurance to a small scale business. I have been asked on several occasions if it is a legal requirement to have small scale business insurance. Well, the answer to this question is that it depends on the industry you operate in and your geographical location. If […]

Reasons for Variance Analysis

We constantly seek explanations for everything that we do to ensure that we are not just wasting our precious time and resources. Good management practice requires that managers understand the reasons for variance analysis just like every other aspects of business management. We have previously discussed the benefits and drawbacks of variance analysis so now […]

Accountants are problem solvers and not number crunchers

Yes, you read the title of this article right. Accountants are problem solvers and not number crunchers. Many young people that would have made good accountants get scared by the mere thought of crunching some numbers. Most of them end up studying non quantitative courses and end up regretting it by the time they realise […]

Small business success triangle

Small businesses strive on their ability to get things right within these components of small business success triangle that you are about to read in this article. Just like a stool cannot stand without its three legs, a small entity cannot survive without getting the three components of thing success triangle spot on. Small business […]

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