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Small business blogger outreach strategy is one of the google age marketing activities that every modern small business must proactively engage in if they are to be ahead of the ever intense small business competition. In this post, I will be giving you some useful tips that can yield results that you never would have […]

Small Business Accountants | When Should Entrepreneurs Hire A Finance Professional?

Small business accountants are no doubt very important to the success of an enterprise that is just starting up but they are not cheap to acquire. There are many reasons why a small business should hire an accountant during the early stages of operation but the cost benefit analysis needs to be done so as […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Mission Statement

The advantages and disadvantages of a mission statement must be known by small business owners that are either just starting up or have been running a small business for a while- just like every other things in life you ask; what is in it for me? Not minding if you understand the answer that will […]

Small Businesses Competition | How to Compete in this Modern Days

COMPETING THE RIGHT WAY Small business competition is not all about price war and price cutting the supermarkets do in the UK. It is a lot more than that. The recent Tesco saga could have been avoided if excessive price war was not over stretched. The ideal small business competition should be more of a […]

Investment Appraisal Risk Management Strategy| Tools, Techniques and Methods

Investment appraisal risk management strategy are those proven methods of evaluating risk and uncertainty that are associated to investing. Most investments or projects fail to see the light of the day because of the fact management has either failed to incorporate risk into the investment appraisal process or has wrongly interpreted the signals coming from […]

Factors to Consider Before Extending Business Loans to Entrepreneurs

This blog post on the factors to consider before giving business loans to entrepreneurs is prepared to answer a question that was asked on the comment box of a previous article on financing challenges faced by small businesses. We now have businesses that are in businesses just to give loans to small business owners. Unlike […]

Small Business Benchmarking Process and Methodology | a Simple Approach

Definition and Meaning of Benchmark Benchmarking is a classic performance measurement tool used to compare similar businesses under similar circumstances with the aim of measuring up with the best performing company. This does not necessarily mean that the business in question is trying to pose competition to other small businesses but it does help in […]

Nine (9) Tested and Trusted Business Lessons to Learn from Royal Families

Have you ever wondered how kings and queens run their kingdoms? There are kingdoms that have been around for a very long time. This really got me thinking as I understand that the difficulty involved in managing people and resources is not the easiest thing to do yet, royalties are doing it perfectly well. It […]

Role of Accountants in Enterprise Software Acquisition

Companies of all sizes and shape now rely on Enterprise resource planning systems to be competitive, profitable, compliant, attractive, and trendy. The implementation of an enterprise resource planning is a complex long term project that requires input from many professionals and business process owners. Accountants in the ‘now economy’ are the most equipped information system […]

Evergreen investment and financial risk management strategies

Evergreen investment and financial management strategies are those logical, tested and proven ways of managing your investments and business as whole. The good thing with evergreen investment and financial risk management is that you can easily apply the techniques using any traditional accounting software of your choice or by using any cloud accounting vendor of […]

10 signs and symptoms you should invest in new business information technology

When it comes to investing in business information technology, it is very important that decisions are made based on business reality rather than impulse as we see on many occasions. This article provides heads-up on signs that may indicate that your small business after all need to invest in new information technology. Ten Things That […]

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