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Critical Skills of Next Generation Accountants

If you have been following accounting as a profession, you would have noticed a pattern that has been developing in the skill set that is required of a next generation accountant. One of the critical success factors of the next generation accountant is your ability to be a hybrid accounting professional. To be a hybrid […]

Make Money or Make Accounting Career, choose a Path to your Destiny

For many people with accounting skills and knowledge, following an accounting career path that leads to professionalism for example becoming a member of ACCA, CPA or CIMA is their life long goal but the spiralling number of accountants that are jobless and broke nowadays is worrying. I have been asked too many times that I […]

Small Business Due Diligence | Professional Accountant Perspective

Small business due diligence is a sort of investigation done by a professional on behalf of potential business owners before they sign a contract that will subsequently lead to change in ownership but after the buyer and seller has already agreed on terms of the dealing. When it comes to due diligence, it is by […]

Pitfalls | Common mistakes made by small business accountants

Small businesses change accountants at will just as we change our clothes. The only difference is that we change our clothes because we have to but small business owners change their service providers such as small business accountants whenever they sense some of the common mistakes that are discussed in this article.   If you […]

Vocabulary of accountpreneurs that I did not learn in my MBA and accountancy classes

I don’t remember being taught any vocabulary of the accountpreneur during my study of accounting and MBA. The curricula of most accountancy courses are as rusty as the image in this article.   As a dedicated student that never missed a class for any reason during my time at the university, I earned every right […]

Importance of credit checks and background checks to small businesses

Credit checks and background checks by small businesses are components of overall business strategy that is often neglected by many SMEs. This is due to the fact that most DIY entrepreneurs don’t really grasp the importance of credit and background checks. Background and credit checks have been around for some time now but seem to […]

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