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Why accountants become successful entrepreneur?

Nowadays, more accountants and those with accounting background are finding solace in entrepreneurship than it used to be. Come to think of it, who do you think is better equipped with the required training to make a good accountant? The vocabulary ‘accountpreneur’ has suddenly found its way into many English dictionary because of the increased […]

Advantages and disadvantages of cloud accounting to a small business

This article is written to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of cloud accounting because the time is now ripe for us to stop pretending that we cannot see the emerging accounting trend where cloud computing is constantly changing the way accountants and business owners process and exchange accounting information. Take it or leave, cloud accounting […]

Accountants Job Description for Small Businesses

The accountant job description for a small business is somewhat that of a generalist and demands more from an accountant than the job description of an accountant of a large company. Many factors including the fact that small businesses do not have fat budget is a major reason why the job description for small business […]

Dangers of Fraudulent Accounting Practices- why accountants should be ethical

I bet you must have heard about fraudulent accounting practices and accounting fraud more times than you can imagine but do you actually appreciate the dangers of doctoring your book of accounts. This means that no meaningful economic activity will ever take place if all that consumers of accounting information can lay their hands are […]

How to Design a Small Business Employee Reward Programs and Schemes

Managers of small businesses go through many undocumented sleepless nights trying to develop a reward scheme that will help the organization motivate its employees. Reward schemes are those monetary and non-monetary perks that managements give to employees in the bid of calling for the best in them. Reward schemes usually comprise of extrinsic and intrinsic […]

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