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How accountants use technology, computers and IT infrastructures

Accountants as fluent speakers of the language of business will not achieve much nowadays if they fail to come to terms with technology which has become pervasive in the areas of business and finance. Business technology management in today’s business world is a fundamental success factor in managing businesses for optimal results. You will be […]

Managing and improving the cash flow of small law firms

Cash flow management is one of the numerous serious problems faced by small firm attorneys and research over the years has shown that poor cash flow management by small businesses a huge culprit in terms of small business failures. You often time find many profitable small law firms going burst within few years of being […]

Tips and Strategies of Building Trust as a Small Start-up Business

Trust is one of the most important levers that start-up businesses rely on for survival. It will be phenomenally impossible for small businesses to gain the opportunity of proving what they can do if no one trust them enough. This is where this article comes in to fill the gap by giving simple and proven tips and […]

Psychology of managing a small business; the secret of entrepreneurial success

Psychology of small business management is the study of the mental functions, capabilities, and behaviours of small business owners and managers. The level of competition that has always characterised small business environment makes it rare for people lacking mental toughness to be successful when it comes to managing small businesses successfully. This post is written […]

Roles of accountants in bankruptcy and insolvency

An individual or corporate body can apply for bankruptcy or be forced into bankruptcy if certain legal criteria are met. The individual or the business entity must be in debt and unable to pay or make reasonable repayment plan. This article is not to discuss the intricacies of bankruptcy but to highlight the roles of […]

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