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Six reasons why every Accountant should be CISA Certified

As an accountant working in the capacity of an employee or a business advisor, your employer or client expects you to give more than you are actually paid for. In fact, you are more of a business partner than an employee or a consultant. This is so because modern day businesses now battle with the […]

Happy accountant, angry accountant

Well, just like every other things we do in life, the choice is yours whether to be a happy accountant or an angry accountant. It’s entirely up to you to decide what path to follow. I have heard many people debate on this issue in the past. One of the finance guys firmly believe that […]

Successfully financing a start-up business in this modern age

If you have ever managed to start a business and get it up and running, you would have realised that it is probably easier to take up employment in one of the established companies than to start up your own business.  Fund raising is by far the hardest thing that start-ups need to do, this […]

Components of a small business bookkeeping system

As a small business owner, you save a lot of money and time if you could learn to organise your stuff. Your small business accountant or bookkeeper will charge you less if they have to do small amount of work on your books. Imagine the number of hours it will take your bookkeeper to collate, […]

How to deal with negative press release as a small business

How to deal with negative press release as a small business Negative press releases, if not well controlled can kill a business faster than you can ever imagine. These negative press releases can come from anywhere but the most common sources of negative press are your competitors, your customers and the regulatory authorities. Having a […]

2014 investment advice based on 2013 investment lessons

Sad stories about how people lost their hard earned money will continue to make head line for as long as people make investment. The reason for this is that many people throw their money away all in the name of investing. I was having a chat with a friend in a Christmas party last week […]

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