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What are the soft skills of an accountant?

Gone are the days when accountants are known as number crunchers. In today’s modern world where finance professionals need more than just technical competence, it is dangerously important that accountants are equipped with soft skills that are in high demand. Soft skills are those rudimentary ingredients that make someone with finance expertise competent enough to […]

Business continuity planning process (BCP) for small businesses

The act of business continuity planning and implementation is not exclusively owed by large multinational corporations as many small business owners do think. Business continuity process is a life cycle process that every business must embed into the overall business strategy if they are to survive disasters when one occurs. The aim of business continuity […]


Family businesses with articulated strategy strive better than one man businesses that have no concrete strategy. Without a good strategy, the bright business idea will not be passed down the generation and that might mean an end to the business. Most one man businesses metamorphose into family business by bringing in a trusted family member […]

Components of small business continuity plan

A business continuity plan which is a strategic stance taken by organizations to ensure that normal business activities are restored within the shortest possible time after a disaster has occurred has some components that makes it complete and usable. I have seen all sorts of documented presented by small businesses as business continuity plan. The […]


Business technology management is a methodical approach of acquiring, implementing and monitoring the result of technology in business. Technology has long taken the centre stage as far business management and operations are concern. You hardly talk about any business operation in today’s world without making reference to technology. This is because technologies have long moved […]

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