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Accounting information system, redefining the accounting profession

Accounting information system has redirected the direction of accounting profession. Traditionally, accountants were seen as business and audit specialist whose only duty is to keep records of things that has already happened in the past.   Accounting in those days was classified into; cost accounting, financial accounting and management accounting. People see accountants then as […]

How long will it take to pay off your credit card debt?

While surfing the net, i stumbled upon this article on credit card calculator written by Robin Williams. Happy reading! If you have piled up a huge amount of credit card debt and want to know how long it would take to become debt free by making a specific monthly payment, you need to use a […]

Investment appraisal for everyone especially the non-financial managers- payback and return on capital employed method.

Recall that an introduction to this article was given in the part one of this series. Hence, no further introduction would be made here. Our aim here is to explore the various investment technique needed by everyone in a simple manner that you will have no difficulty comprehending the concepts. BINGO!!! Payback period Payback period […]

Difficulties faced by small firms when seeking finance and their possible solutions

  You will agree with me that finance is the life blood of every business; big or small. Debt and equity finance are two main categories of sources finance that a company can use. While big and established firms find it relatively easy to raise finance, small firms find it more difficult to raise fund/finance […]

Dangers of having high level of gearing- business and financial

Business gearing and financial gearing are terms used to explain the volatility of a company and its activities. While the business gearing measures the risk that a company will fail as a result of not making enough contribution to cover for its fixed cost, financial gearing on the other hand is used to measure the […]

Eleven sources of finance that small and medium sized businesses can use to finance non-current asset

Sources of finance simply means various reliable ways by which a business can raise money for the smooth running of business activities without much friction. Majority of businesses out there are often hindered by lack of finance to execute vibrant projects that will otherwise contribute positively to the bottom line of the company. This is […]

Business investment opportunities- how cash shortage can restrict it

  Any business that neglects taking advantage of investment opportunities will soon find its way to bankruptcy. As important as this may be, many businesses, especially small business fail to make optimum investment as a result of shortage of cash. The situation of cash shortage that leads to the rejection of financially sound investments is […]

Investment Appraisal-8 non-financial factors that every accountants and managers should consider

Investment appraisal is not all about financial factors. There are non-financial factors that plays significant role in making any meaningful investment decision. In fact, most of those non-financial factors act as backbone that will either make or mare the investment if taken. Below are some of those non-financial factors: • Climatic Issues. Green activities has […]

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