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Without Humor, Life Sucks – Learn to Be Humorous

Sickness, Stress, pain, poverty, suffering, hatred, wickedness etc all sucks a great deal of life out of us. But none of these is to be compared to the damages that lack of humor can cause in our life. Imagine when LIFE itself becomes the SUCKER. In this article are those things that can make you […]

Outsourcing- what every managers and accountants should know about it.

Outsourcing has become a global business necessity in implementing the twenty-first century strategy. This is the mechanism that allows organizations to transfer the delivery of services to third parties. Outsourcing is simply obtaining work previously done by employees inside the companies from sources outside the company. i.e running of a modular company/ organization. A modular […]

Introduction to Fiancial Independence

There are things that only we can do for our self. One of these things include financial management. It does not matter your: profession, educational background, how much you have etc., the truth is that finances are the life blood of every Human being. It is not my intention to bother you with some accounting […]

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