15 Funny Things Accountants Won’t Tell Their Clients

The general presumption is that accountants are demigods living in a fairy-tale world where everything they touch turns into gold. If you are amongst those people thinking this way, you will be surprised to find out about some of the things accountants do behind the scene that they don’t want their clients to be aware of. Below are 15 funny things accountants do that some of us are not so proud of.

  1. That they are broke
  2. That they had to Google the answer to your question
  3. That they are not good in mathematics
  4. They have not spotted that mistake you made
  5. That they are probably charging you too much
  6. They tweaked their excel formulas over a dozen times
  7. They sometimes get drunk
  8. That they are not the best
  9. That they are reckless with money
  10. That they lied about the hours billed
  11. That they have family issues
  12. How many times they had to retake their professional exams
  13. How much they hate their client’s business
  14. That they have cheated on their partner
  15. That they had to borrow some of their dressings

Now, if you read this far, I bet you beginning to take things discussed in this brief post seriously. Well, in as much as the things discussed here are true for some accountants, there are still millions of accountants out there that never do any of the things talked about here.