The Accountant- Title of a Movie, can you believe it?

Finally, we have a movie about Accountants and the dangers that most accountants face on a daily basis. I have seen over a dozen of films and series about Doctors and Lawyers but can’t remember seeing any movie or series about accountants.
This movie is set to be released on the 14 of October 2016. Ben Affleck featured in this much anticipated crime related thriller.
I will update this post after i have seen the movie. I hope it does not further tarnish the image of accountancy.
Watch the trailers on these youtube videos below or from their website



How to Become a Small Business Accountant

How to become a small business accountant

  I been asked so many times to explain in a simple language how one can become a small business accountant  so I decided to write this article on how to become a small business accountant. Without much ceremony let’s get straight to the … [Continue reading]


Small business Accountants

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Accounting and Business Strategy to learn from Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Image

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Difficulties in using and interpreting qualitative non financial information

basics of business insurance

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League Tables

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How not to run a business -big or small

Cloudy Days Ahead

Many articles, text books, journals and blog posts have been written on how to manage a business in order to succeed, but not much as far as am aware has been written on how not to run a business. This in my opinion is a fundamental reason why many … [Continue reading]

Prospective Employee Orientation Best Practice


I recently took a job in the finance department of Tristate Cardiovascular Associates Limited in Nigeria - ‘a Now-Age Cardiovascular solution provider with a vision to become the global leader in prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in … [Continue reading]

Activity-Based-Costing (ABC) | Brief Background, Criticisms, Problems, Weaknesses, Benefits and Strengths

fraudulent accounting

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important accounting ratios

I have a friend who failed to secure an accounting job recently because he was not able to provide a simple explanation of what a bank reconciliation statement is in an interview. His defense was that he is not an accounting major but, you don’t have … [Continue reading]

Accounting and programming skills | road travelled by few accountants

accounting and programming skills

Accounting and programming skills are rare skill sets that can easily make you a king amongst kings in the accounting and finance realm. There are things that excel sheets alone cannot help with. You have to learn to write computer programs that can … [Continue reading]

Effects of tax avoidance | is tax planning good or bad?

Effects of tax avoidance

INTRODUCTION The effects of tax avoidance has always been in the news. HSBC happens to be the most recent company accused of engaging in an unacceptable tax planning scheme that has made the company pay little tax in the UK where most of its … [Continue reading]

Difficulties of Measuring Performance in Service Industries

difficulties of measuring performance in service industries

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Limitations of Qualitative Aspects of Performance Management

limitations of qualitative performance management

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Career in finance | 4 ways to tell if you have what it takes to be a financier

Career in finance

Career in finance is a very rewarding but challenging career choice to make. But just like any job, there are certain characteristics and soft skill sets that make you more likely to succeed in a career in finance. The points discussed in this … [Continue reading]

Basics of Business Insurance for Small and Large Businesses

basics of business insurance

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Small Business Insurance – State the Importance of Insurance to A Small Scale Business

small business insurance

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Reasons for Variance Analysis

reasons for variance analysis

We constantly seek explanations for everything that we do to ensure that we are not just wasting our precious time and resources. Good management practice requires that managers understand the reasons for variance analysis just like every other … [Continue reading]

Accountants are problem solvers and not number crunchers

accountants are problem solvers

Yes, you read the title of this article right. Accountants are problem solvers and not number crunchers. Many young people that would have made good accountants get scared by the mere thought of crunching some numbers. Most of them end up studying … [Continue reading]

Small business success triangle

small business management

Small businesses strive on their ability to get things right within these components of small business success triangle that you are about to read in this article. Just like a stool cannot stand without its three legs, a small entity cannot survive … [Continue reading]


small business successes

Small business successes don’t just happen as it takes smart work to make it happen as we all know. The only problem is that a lot of people think that it takes hard work to make a small business succeed when in fact it only takes smart work to … [Continue reading]

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